Welcome to Witchmark

Welcome to Witchmark. Set in the heart of South West Wiltshire, the beautiful nine-thousand-acre Fonthill Estate provides us with the perfect setting and surroundings to make the finest English whiskies.

Our distillery gets its name from the medieval witch marks, which are finely carved into Fonthill’s old stone buildings. The carvings are in the shape of a six-petalled daisy wheel, also known as a hexafoil. It was believed that witch marks would turn away evil spirits, providing protection to the building and those who lived or worked within it. Thankfully, we only produce exceptionally good spirits.

Our Witchmark distillery is situated in our Grade 2 listed barn. Alongside, a magnificent stone grain drying barn, is our visitor centre and shop. All located in the home village of Fonthill Bishop.

We use the very best ingredients from the crops growing on the prime chalk downlands that surround us, mixed with Fonthill’s pure water, naturally filtered through limestone rock on its journey to our bottles.

Join our Witchmark club today and become part of history as one of our founding members, in return we promise you will be part of a unique club with an array of member benefits including several numbered cask strength bottles drawn from our early casks.