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Witchmark Distillery

The Witchmark wash still by Frilli

The Witchmark Distillery

Set in the heart of southwest Wiltshire in the historic village of Fonthill Bishop, the beautiful 9000 acre Fonthill Estate provides us with the ideal surroundings to make the finest English whiskies.

The distillery building is a Grade 2 listed barn dating back to the 1600’s. Beside it, a magnificent grain drying barn houses our visitor centre and shop.

In making our spirits we will use the very best ingredients from the crops growing on the prime chalk downlands that surround us, mixed with Fonthill’s pure water, naturally filtered through limestone rock on its journey to our bottles.

Wiltshire, England

One of the hexafoils carved on our walls

A wooden beam in our 16th century distillery barn

Rooted in Wiltshire

Our distillery is named after the medieval 'witch marks' carved into Fonthill's old stone buildings. Witch marks are believed to have turned away evil spirits, providing protection to the building and those who lived or worked within it. Lucky for us we’re only making good spirits!

One of the most common types of witch marks found within the properties in our area is the daisy wheel, also known as the hexafoil. As the name suggests, the symbol takes the form of a six petalled flower carved using a hand compass resulting in its geometrical design.

Fonthill Lake

Our barley field next-door to the distillery

Our Terroir

The core ingredients used to produce our spirits are found on our doorstep here at Fonthill — the barley in the surrounding fields and the water from right under our feet. Traditional methods of malting our barley, almost exclusively by hand, are used at Britain’s oldest working malt house, established in 1855, located nearby at Warminster. This provenance, underpinning our production processes, provides the perfect backdrop to our authenticity.

The Fonthill arch

The Westbury White Horse

Vision and Values

Our brand will capture the imagination of those seeking an ingenious fusion of long-lasting excellence with innovative new distilling and maturation approaches.

Our customers will be defined by their values, attitude, and spirit and we are inspired to capture their imagination and win their loyalty. We promise to be authentic, ingenious, curious, timeless and courageous.

The Witchmark Club

Accompany us on our journey to produce England’s finest single malts! By becoming a member of The Witchmark Club you will be instrumental in making this distillery a reality — and in return we promise you will be part of a unique club with an array of member benefits, including several numbered cask strength bottles drawn from our early casks. We’re also making vodka, gin and beer so you can enjoy those as well!

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Cask Sales

Few people will be able to say they own a cask of single malt Witchmark whisky. That’s because we’ll only release a limited number of single malt casks for sale each year. So, whether you’re buying for pleasure or investment, it’s a rare thing. And probably wise not to delay your decision.

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