Witchmark Distillery

Castle Coombe, Wiltshire

English Whisky

The English whisky movement, now an established spirits category both at home and abroad, remains committed to its ‘craft’ roots with a focus on the use of quality ingredients mixed with passion and attention to detail throughout the production process.

The newly formed English Whisky Guild has set out to attain GI (Geographical Indicator) status for English whisky to “clearly define the technical standards for what constitutes English Whisky and monitor adherence to those standards with the overarching vision for English whisky to be recognised globally as a respected choice for whisky drinkers — showcasing the remarkable diversity and quality of unique whiskies, as well as to underscore the tireless pursuit of creativity, inclusivity and innovation”.

Our Whiskies

Our signature single malt will be a blend of casks, chosen to deliver consistent character and taste. Innovation will be the cornerstone of our distilling and blending techniques and we promise a spirit that tastes as good as it looks.

Within our range of whiskies we will also be producing single cask single malts, where the character and taste of each bottle will vary subtly with the cask it came from; double cask single malts where flavour profiles change with each bottling; and mixed grain whiskies, using malt, wheat and rye.

Gin with infused botanicals

Juniper Berries

Vodka, Gin and Botanical Spirits

We will also produce a range of gins and botanical spirits inspired by our beautiful surroundings. Our gins will be made from neutral grain spirit produced in our own stills at above 96% ABV. We will produce a selection of gins from a number of recipes. Our neutral grain spirit is essentially vodka and as well as bottling this directly, we will add botanicals to this spirit to create a separate range of botanical spirits.

We will be working closely with U.K. charity Plantlife to establish, grow and maintain stocks of juniper, the base botanical for gin, on the chalk downlands surrounding the Fonthill Estate.

A wooded microclimate in Wiltshire


Sustainability is an extremely broad term but in its simplest sense focuses on creating a resilient environment for long-term positive impact to thrive.

We will work tirelessly to reduce our environmental impact, ensure a sustainable supply chain, engage our people with the goals of our business, embrace technology, and give back – social responsibility is just as important.

What are we doing already?

• Sourcing barley from Fonthill Farm – a local, regenerative agriculture system that supports invertebrates, pollinators and biodiversity.

• Generating solar energy from a 100kW array on our warehouse roof in partnership with Nadder Community Energy.

• Powering the stills with bio-liquid propane gas recovered from the process that makes eco road fuels from vegetable oils.

• Applying state-of-the-art heat recovery in the production process.

• Sending spent grains, botanicals, pot ale and lees to a local anaerobic digestor.

• Ensuring that packaging has the best possible environmental credentials.

• Supporting the community via partnerships with organisations that share our ideals.

A glass of Snail Creep Hanging

Stone Daisy

Whisky, of course, starts life as beer, albeit without the boiling with hops bit. Our brewery is called Stone Daisy and, alongside providing the expertise behind the making of the beer wash for our spirits produces a range of traditional cask ales and keg, canned and bottled beer.

Visit our Stone Daisy website

Distillery Tours

It would be our pleasure to show you firsthand how we craft our whisky and white spirits.

The good news is that it won’t be long before you can come and experience the alluring sights, smells and, of course, tastes of Witchmark whisky production.

And don’t forget that we also brew award-winning Stone Daisy ales right here on the estate, so we doubt you’ll go away empty-handed!

You’ll discover an exciting mix of modern techniques and traditional values all set in Fonthill’s idyllic, historic surroundings.

Please contact us to let us know that you would like to visit, and as soon as distillery tour bookings are available (hopefully at the end of this year), we’ll let you know.